The Tiny Adventures of Rosalily

Rosal to Rosalily

Another beautiful sunrise bathed Strathnaver Forest in a warm summer’s glow, chasing away the dark shadows of the night. Beyond the tree line, hidden deep in the Scottish wilderness lived a secret world, lost in the history of the once great lands of the Sutherland Counties. Carefully nestled high in the trees, hidden in nature’s greens and browns, were the homes of the fairies of the old Sutherland Kingdom.
Duty, fear, and maybe guilt had led to this secret kingdom’s history being re-written, the powerful rulers deciding what their fairy people should believe. Everything seemed normal in this strange magical world, but little did they know the truth of their existence was bubbling underneath the lies the Royal Fairy Court had spun so long ago.
Farther away, outside the safety of the forest lay their original home, the village of Rosal. Gone were the people who they once protected - the humans they watched, loved and shared their lives with.
Hundreds of years had passed since the Royal Fairy Court had moved the Kingdom to protect them, beginning the web of lies. Innocent lives had been lost, only a few of the original fairies survived that terrible time, and they were all now part of the Royal Court, part of the secret.
Juna was the only member of the Royal Fairy Court who believed the fairy people deserved to know the truth about the times of peace and love with the humans. Keeping this secret, hiding the true history was a heavy burden to bear for Juna, who wished her Royal brothers would feel the same way as she did. Little did she know the weakest and youngest fairy in the Kingdom was the key to unlocking the lies and restoring the balance of their lives with humans.
Many years had passed since the last time their lies were almost revealed. No-one outside the Royal Court knew the real reason why Rose had died so young, except her fairy husband Lachlan. Only by agreeing to keep the secret could Lachlan protect his baby daughter Rosalily - the tiny fairy born to a sick and dying mother.
Protecting the kingdom’s tiniest fairy was Lachlan’s only wish, leaving his duties as a Royal Protector to the Fairy Court, he moved to the village and began a new life. Quietly in their new home, Lachlan’s great love Rose squeezed his hand for the last time and joined her ancestors in fairy heaven, leaving Rosalily to learn about the fairy world without her.
Rosalily did not grow as big and strong as other fairies, but she had something that none of the others had. Something the Royal Fairy Court would come to fear. The test would be how far the Royal Fairy Court would go to protect their lies.
Unlocking the secret of her gifts would become Rosalily’s quest. Village life would not hold the answers she needed. With her mother in her heart her wings would carry her to the myterious secrets of the Royal Fairy Court.
Xavier, the most powerful of the Royals would give his life to keep the secret. Yahn, the younger brother of the mighty Xavier, was also loyal to their life without the humans. Zaran, the youngest Royal brother was the weaker of the three, but still feared within the court, and when stories of Rosalily begin to spread throughout the kingdom who knows what this trio of brothers will do to protect their lies after two hundred years?

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