My Daddy’s coming home today!

Mummy and me and Grandma and Granddad have all come to meet him.

Daddy sent me a picture. He is wearing a big, yellow, floppy hat. He is
kneeling down in front of a green tent. His face is very brown and he is
smiling. His teeth look very shiny and bright. He is holding a big Teddy Bear.
Daddy is very handsome. Handsome means he looks nice, Mummy told me that.
Daddy sent me a letter with the picture.

My Darling Sophie

Here is a picture of me with a special friend that I am bringing home for you.
His name is Pickle and he sleeps with Daddy every night. I tell him all about
my special little girl and he can’t wait to meet you.
He has a pink ribbon around his neck and Daddy is sending you another piece
for you to tie around your letters.
Look after Mummy for me and save me some kisses.

All my love plus a little bit more

Daddy xxxxx

I have brought Daddy’s picture with me. And my letters. I have tied them up
with my pink ribbon. I love my Daddy very much.

There are lots of people in the street. And other children. I think some other
Daddies must be coming home today as well. I have my best dress on. Daddy
likes my blue dress best. I put it on for him today. I love my Daddy very much.

I have a little flag to wave. It has red, white and blue on it. Some of the
big people have big flags. Some are like mine but some are other colours. They
are not waving them. They are holding them up in front of their faces. Their
faces look very sad, like Mummy’s and Grandma’s and Granddad’s. I am not sad.
I am happy because my Daddy’s coming home today!

There is a man walking down the road. He is very tall and has a black coat on
even though it is not cold. He is carrying a big black hat. I don’t know why
he is walking in the middle of the road because there are some cars behind him
and they can’t get past. I am not allowed to walk in the road. Daddy told me.

We are standing very close to the road. The man is walking past me. He is
looking at the ground. The people with the big flags are pointing them out in
front of them as the cars go past.

The cars are very posh and very big. They are black and they have big windows
along the sides.

Mummy, and Grandma and Granddad are touching one of the cars. They are all

There is a big box in the back of the car. On the box is a big sheet. It is
red, white and blue, like my flag. On the sheet there is a hat with a shiny
badge, like Daddy’s, and a belt with a shiny buckle, like Daddy’s. There is a
Teddy Bear near the hat. He has a pink ribbon around his neck. He looks like

I can’t see my Daddy.

Pete Barclay-George

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