My Nasty Ex

I am naked dripping wet. I step out of my sparkling yellow tiled shower unit, grab my fluffy white towel and wrap it around me. My precious 3-month kitten Little Paw is meowing on my rug in the bathroom. I hear a loud crack! This gives me goosebumps, and Little Paw runs to the sink. I glance out the bathroom window to where the noise is coming from; the back of the garden, where my pond and large flowerpot are. I observe that my large flowerpot is still intact. I hold my towel up against me and see Little Paw is under the sink playing with a cotton ball. I scan the garden further. I look again but this time to the left of the garden. I spot his familiar red and white muddy trainers.

He’s outside yet again! When will this stop? I ask myself. It has been the third time this month.

Damien 5 ft 8, mid thirties, is my 'evil ex-boyfriend’ who still thinks he is with me. The last time he was in the back garden he kept shouting: ‘I love you! I love you!  You’re mine, you’re mine’ about 10 bloody times. He left a big bunch of red roses by the back door with a note saying...

We are a match made in heaven. I love you always and forever.

Never us to part, never, never.’ 

Love Damien xxxxxx

That was the last creepy letter.  It was written in blood. For the next week I was terrified. The police said they couldn't do anything about it.

Damien is by the weeping willow tree wearing a mustard t-shirt and jeans. He is holding something in his hands but his back is turned so I can’t see what he is doing. I grab my bathroom robe, put my slipper son and run around locking all my windows, front and back door. Little Paw follows me.  She is looking like a lost puzzle piece deciding which way to go and be placed.

I go into every room drawing the curtains. I have a bad feeling of past stress on my shoulder. I enter my white walled bedroom. Little Paw is reaching for her cotton ball, her paws digging under the bed. I draw my pink poker dotted curtains. I peek through them. Damien is still standing behind the tree and not the brown wooden shed like last time, when he took out my spade and started digging.

There is movement. He is holding a pair of binoculars in one hand. In the other, some kind of cloth. I squint to see what he is up to. He is holding what looks like a recent pair of my red knickers that Kevin bought for me on Valentine’s day. He is cutting them up with a pair of scissors. He spots me with his binoculars and holds up bits of my cut up knickers in his hand. He tilts his head back and laughs obsessively, observing with his emotionless shark eyes. I close the gap in the curtain and pace up and down the room thinking :’Yuk! Yuk.’

I phone Kevin for help who immediately jumps on his piaggio scooter and is on his way over.

I open my drawers and grab some undies to put on. I notice my red knickers are definitely missing. I pull a t-shirt and pair of trousers out of the cupboard and get dressed. Downstairs, I hear a noise. The back door handle is rattling furiously like someone is in a locked building trying to get out. My heart is darkening into a black hole of deep drowning emotions. I crumble heavily into my past memory and question myself. What made me go out with him? Why is he doing this? What makes him think he is still with me?

I hear the bedroom door screech like fingers down a blackboard and it opens slowly. I can see an image in my mind of Damien’s pale face turning grey. But that’s my imagination. I look again and there is Little Paw meowing. I then build the courage up and go to the back door. It has stopped rattling. Kevin will be here soon, I reassure myself. I hold my hands against angry tears that fall past my cheekbones. My heart is beating too fast too count and my legs feel like jelly. 

Damien is behind the two birch trees. I can hardly stay focused. All I see is a black strap in his hand and attached is string to which he is putting some small weights on.

I am now wondering what the hell he is constructing? I watch him, he walks over to the small pond in the garden.

What on earth is he doing? He places his small black strap contraption down on the freshly cut grass beside the pond. I pace up and down and take my mobile phone from my back pocket to call Kevin. I dial but it goes straight to voicemail.

I notice a piece of paper slid under the door. It reads: Choose between me and Kevin tonight or your Little Paw will suffer. You have 30 minutes.

I go into the front room. I open the curtain and glance out. His face is up against the window holding a knife and he is chewing gum. He seals his lips together and then kisses the window and looks into my eyes. I close the curtain and my hands are shaking. I hear Kevin’s scooter pull up outside the front door. I feel safe knowing the fact that Kevin has arrived. I fast pace to the front door, open it; his scooter is there with his helmet on the seat but I can’t see him. Little Paw is rolling around with the cotton ball by my feet. I call out Kevin’s name but nothing. I quickly close the front door scared now that Damien is watching me. I run to the kitchen window to see if I can see Kevin in the back garden. I grab the large torch from under the stairs. I call his phone again but it goes straight to voicemail.

I open the back door and slowly step out with my torch. I tremble inside, looking through the gaps in the trees. I see that the shed light is on. As I get closer, I am thinking 'where the hell is Kevin?' I start to worry what if ? what if? 

I am at the back door of the shed. I hear Damien’s voice. I bend down minding the branches and peek through the back window of the shed. I can see Kevin is sitting comfortably on a chair opposite him.

‘Damien you need to stop this,’ he says.

I smile to myself and my shaking bodystarts to adjust itself. I think Kevin has it all under control. He is doing it the nice way though I am a little frightened as to how Damien may react.

‘I will stop stalking the bitch once you tell her the truth!’ Damien responds.

I wonder what truth? This confuses me I lean closer to the window without them noticing me.

Kevin takes hold of Damien’s hand and strokes it. ‘Look I told you just 2 more days, that’s all’. Damien moves his head forward to kiss Kevin on the lips, they embrace passionately

I am utterly stunned by this. I accidently trip on my gnome and it falls on the concrete pathway smashing into pieces. They stop kissing, Kevin opens the shed door. I am standing there, no longer frightened but mystified. I have my hands on both my hips shaking my head.

‘Why, why? I trusted you, I thought you were in love with me!’

‘It’s not like that, I just I just…’ Kevin says.

‘Just what Kevin? You're a liar? Why ? And why Damien?'

Kevin puts his head down.

Damien comes out of the shed holding his knife tightly. ‘Come on Kevin let’s kill the whore’.

‘Damien put that down’. Kevin tries to talk him out of it.

‘All our problems will be solved if she is dead’. Damien says.

Damien rages towards me with his knife in his right hand. I run towards the house. I spot my spade leaning against the tree. I grab it, stop in hesitation. Damien lunges at me with his knife missing me by inches. I whack the spade right on his head and hard. He passes out on the floor blood dripping from his forehead. Kevin kneels down and comforts Damien. He feels his pulse and starts giving mouth to mouth resuscitation.

‘You have killed him,’ he looks at me with deep sadness.

Little Paw comes out of the cat flap meowing. I pick her up, go back inside, lock the door and call the police.

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