About Alice

I met her on the stairs, her name was Alice, I didn't know her name at the time i just new her by sight. I was just about to say hello to her but then she said something sarcastic. Anyway i wasn't too worried because i thought i wouldn't see her very often.
I got to the bottom of the stairs and walked across the thickly carpeted hallway, then out the doors of the large house, across the well kept garden and then on to the streets. I walked home and later on when i was relaxing i thought about my outing. I felt like it
had gone quite well, or '' mission accomplished '' as i sometimes put it.
I wasn't very happy with the flat i was living in for a few reasons, so i had decided to move. I had finally found another flat which seemed alright and had been given the keys for it. I decided to pay my new flat a visit and spend some time there, to get the feel of it and check i liked it, before the trauma of moving in!
It was when i was leaving my new flat i saw Alice on the stairs, i guessed she lived there but i thought '' what the heck ''. Anyway i moved in to this '' new flat '' - a month or two went by, and i didn't see her at all.
Then one evening there was a knock on the door. †I opened the door and there she was. We said hello, i was holding the door open then she ducked under my arm and walked in!
We told each other our names, this is when i found out that her name was Alice. She seemed really nice and quite a good laugh, and she didn't say anything sarcastic! - like she did when i met her on the stairs.

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