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The Liberation of Irak

Stveerlowahd was crossing the icy tundra, her sleigh drawn by two powerful elks, the arctic wind thrashing their shaggy coats. She had to reach the Cavern of Our Lord of Creation and convince Him to transform the genetic inheritence of Man before it was too late. War was about to break out yet again – but this time, although destruction would not be complete, the long term effects of their biological and nuclear weapons on all living creatures would mean the end of any life form as we now know it. All new life would be born with mutations with few possibilities for survival.
Stveerlowahd was nearing her destination. The midnight sun glimmered on the horizon as the petrifying wind calmed. The huge entrance to the Cavern was visible at the base of a solitary scrag which jutted up from the frozen land. As the sensation of calm and relief began to fill her heart she became aware of a low humming sound and her eyes began to pick out dark flowing shapes approaching at speed from the horizon. She insinctively urged on her sleigh bearers, as yet unaware as to who or what these figures might be. Their supernatural speed meant that instants later their origin was but too clear. Confusion and fear paralysed her movements. The War Lords – come to defend their rights to perpetual battles. Had she come this far only to be defeated at the very Gates of Peace? Her beasts hurtled onwards despite their mistress’ uncertainty. The sky blackened as the deathly forms swarmed towards her. Stveerlowahd gripped the Shield of Peace and raised it heavenwards against their onslaught.
‘In the name of Our Lord of Peace – Return to Hell!’
With a strepitus roar the sky cracked open. Mighty beams shooting from above formed a luminous dome around Stveerlowahd, allowing her sleigh to advance towards the entrance. All the while the forces of Evil continued crashing and ricocheting against its impenetratable barrier. The War Lords could not allow any change in Man’s genetic make up – this chromosomatic weakness which allowed Evil to multiply and Its power to intensify. But the power of the Sheild of Peace was greater than the power of the War Lords and Stveerlowahd passed unharmed into the Cavern.
‘Your mission?’ boomed the voice of The Creator
‘My Lord’, Stveerlowahd kneeled, bowing low. ‘Man is endangering the survival of all living creatures on our planet. His genetic programming means our world can never be free from wars – and today's knowledge has allowed the creation of weapons of greater destruction than ever before. The forces of Evil have become stronger than the forces of Peace. Only My Lord can save life by removing this weak chromosome.’
‘Stveerlowahd, your mission is a noble one but when Man was formed I permitted the existence of a gene which urged men to fight – to enable them to struggle for survival in a hostile environment. That men allow this strength to be taken advantage of by the Forces of Evil is for them to overcome. Fortunately, when creating Woman, the bearer of new life, I also created a gene to defend life and it is for women to use their power to overcome the Evil forces which have corrupted men. You, Stveerlowahd, leader of women, must continue your battle – harness the Forces of Peace and you will overcome the Forces of Evil’

By Lorna Reina
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