A Hummingbird Eating

Zip. Zoom. Zip. Zoom. Buzz. Buzz.

A dark speck criss-crosses from one area to the next. The colours of the flowers act like magnets as if to say, “Eat me! I’ve got lovely nectar for you!”

Zip. Zoom. Buzz. Buzz.

The tiny bird, no bigger than a thumb, flits around the bright yellow flowers, sucking the sweet bounty that laid within its fragile petals.

Buzz. Buzz. Zip. Zoom.

Wings flapping so fast, creating the tell-tale noise of the hummingbird, one of nature’s masterpieces. A tiny colourful bird that seems to defy all of nature’s laws.

Zoom. Zip. Zip. Zoom. Buzz. Buzz.

It flies to the red flower, a rose in full bloom; no scratch that, it’s now on the blue narcissus…no now it’s sampling the violets!

Zip. Zoom. Buzz. Buzz.

The beak of the hummingbird is like a tiny straw, extracting the sweet, sticky nectar it needs to survive its super-sonic flight.

Buzz. Buzz. Zip. Zoom.

The action of the wings acts like a fan, wafting gently the perfume of the flowers, as if to enhance the whole experience of wonder at one of natures’ most beautiful creatures.

Zip. Zoom. Buzz. Buzz.

And it’s gone, in the blink of an eye, but you can still hear the familiar sound…

Zip. Zip. Zoom. Zoom. Buzz. Buzz.

By Debra Cressey