Writing Course Poem


Edinburgh writing online course has been a real inspiration,
When Dad told me he signed me up I did a huge sigh and didn't realise the experience I'd soon have and how thankful I'd be afterwards,
But now as the week fast approaches and it is time to say goodbye,
I cannot help but being thankful for all I have learnt and will continue to use,
All the things the course has taught me and made me aware of,
I was with writers just like myself,
With ideas, and memories and things to write down and to tell,
Readers and writers all in our own right,
With creations which we will one day share the world, and that glow like the stars at night,
They will hear our stories, and all our thoughts,
The things that we have been taught will come into practice,
I've learnt how to edit; I've learnt to review,
I've learnt to create and redo,
I've learnt to be thankful for my gift, and learnt how to properly use it,
I thank My Mum and Dad, my tutor Anne and the good ideas that I've had.
I thank the other writers for the constructive criticism, some kind words and stuff for revision.
Edinburgh writing online course will leave me with a good memory forever.


Mary-Joy Hutcheon