The darkness before the light

The words he was saying morphed slowly into nonsensical sounds. My thoughts were heavy in my head. Too many of them. Weighing it down. My tongue ran over my cracked lips like sandpaper. My eyes flickered open; shapes blurred, lights blinded; it was
all too white, too bright. I wanted to leap from between the crisp, clinical sheets in water; any water, as long as it was wet. I was desperate to feel moisture against my skin, in my mouth. But my body wouldn't move, and, even if it did, where
would it go?
The voices continued to ebb and flow around me, my knuckles whitened as they made sense for a split second before falling away to somewhere just beyond my grasp. I knew they should make sense but they wouldn't and my heart quickened as I
tried to move; still my body refused to obey.
I could feel the cloud enveloping me and I fought with what little strength I had to resist it. In my mind, my body was thrashing, fighting against the darkness. My heart continued to speed up, I felt a hand gripping mine as the panic rose
up inside of me. Light dazed my eyes, sound swirled around me and my wasted muscles tensed as the darkness claimed me and the world went out.


Munjeeta Sohal