Finding Destiny- Prologue

I carried Sarah while walking beside ma, who swayed slightly after her drinks at my mate's wedding reception. The moon looked full and the sky black, unlike this morning when the sun had cast a beautiful glow over Travis's bride as she said her vows and kissed him with such hunger. I could tell they were soul mates.

I wondered what that felt like, kissing someone who loved you so deeply, they were willing to do it in front of your family and friends.

Sarah and ma sat in the third row down. Ma had tears in her eyes and Sarah clapped her little hands like this was the first wedding she had attended. It wasn't. We had been to four and this was the last of my mates to get hitched.

I thought how my mates had teased me all week telling me my hair was as wild as a chipmunk's tail and how I looked more like a twelve year old, with my pale smooth complexion and green eyes, than the seventeen year old I was now.

Jack's advice on why I hadn't got even a girlfriend had made me roll my eyes; what's wrong with being a hard worker? Giving my little sister the tea parties she would have played with pa? Beside ma could never have kept the place going without me and as long as she is happy that's all I care about.

"Alex, you look like a penguin in your dress up. I'm a princess, can you tell?" said Sarah.

"You sure are, the prettiest princess I have ever seen." I said.

Sarah shook her head, her ringlets bounced about her face covering her eyes.

"No? Who is, then?" I said. Sarah sucked on her bottom lip as she pondered my question.

"Destiny, is the best princess," said Sarah.

I snapped out of my thoughts as we turned into the front garden. Ma clumsily un-did the door and went to the sofa, flopping herself down. I ran upstairs and tucked Sarah into bed and looked out of her window. I noticed Destiny's barn door open as the outside light flicked on and off again.

Oh, crap, was my last thought as I raced down the stairs and out of the back door.

I entered Destiny's barn hoping the pony was still inside...

"Destiny! Are you in here, girl?" I yelled. I looked at the broken stable door and fingered the purple ribbon Sarah had tied there to remind everyone, this was her pony.

I felt sick as I raced outside looking left and right.

Sarah was going to be heart broken if I couldn't find that pony! Why didn't I check the gate? My mind raced as I looked up at the house. I couldn't go back inside and tell ma I had messed up again.

"Destiny! Destiny! Where the hell are you?" I yelled, leaving my home behind me.


Katie Hart