Alphabet Story

Annie pushed open the gleaming glass door to the studio. Bodies were already in their places on
the foam mats, lined up like lycra clad colouring pencils. Casually greeting the rest of the class,
she shook out her mat and uncoiled herself in a studied, languid stretch.
'Do they really think so,' she wondered incredulously, ' that I'm so in control......?' Eavesdropping
eagerly on the conversation farther back in the room she felt both gratified and deserving after
the effort she had put in.
Finally getting herself back to her previous form after Tim had suddenly and inexplicably left her,
she had needed to focus her attention on self help; new interests, hobbies, everything but colonic
irrigation! Gritting her teeth till they ached she had dragged herself to a new job in a new country.
Her attempts at socialising had been less successful; getting dressed and even spritzing with
perfume only to kick off the heels and curl back up in front of the tv.
In many ways she had struggled along a difficult road but was beginning to feel like life was
worthwhile again.
Jubilant with these positive thoughts, she concentrated on her yoga teachers instructions. Knots
of tension were collectively unfurled and let go to float up above their bodies like filling sails.
Lying with eyes closed; concentrating on her breathing, she allowed herself to enjoy the small
glittering speck of optimism growing behind her eyelids.
Motivated effortlessly for the first time in ages, she skipped over the car park like a skimming
stone on the surface of a lake. ' New worlds to conquer!' she thought, laughing at the cheesiness
as she realised it was the name of an old school textbook.
On the other side of the road was a couple about to get into their car; him smiling and bending to
sweep back her blonde hair to kiss the pale cheek.
Partly obscured by the sun streaming through her filmy windscreen, they were visible enough to
make her stare, motionless and barely breathing. Questioning her sanity, she gaped open
mouthed as she realised that it was indeed Tim and bloody perfect Maria! Rigidly upright with
fingers locked round the steering wheel, she sat fighting the nauseous waves spewing over her.
She fumbled with the ignition; crunched gears and lurched out of the parking space.
Turning into her driveway, she stayed with her head resting on the wheel until the light had faded
to violet ink.
Underneath the sink there would be something; clear, cool, calming. Vodka, shoved to the back
defiantly, behind the bleach and brushes. 'Where have you been my Darling?' she murmured.
Xanax dug out from the bathroom cabinet, from her old frantic L.A. life in a parallel universe.
'Yoga!' she snorted. 'Here's to ya!' Zen like she would be in just about ten minutes, back to where
she had begun.

Lyndsey Stoddard