Running Away


Grace shifted uncomfortably in her seat. The one next to her was empty and she was thankful, for once, that she wouldn't have to make polite small talk with a stranger for the next 14 hours. As the shiny Boeing 747 backed away from its stand, she could see from her tiny window the trees swaying in the afternoon sunlight enjoying the last few moments of summer before the onslaught of Autumn arrived. The plane gathered momentum and raced along the runway until it had enough power to lift itself into the sky. Grace could see Edinburgh slipping away below her and finally out of her reach. She promised herself, as she settled back into her seat, that the next time she was here it would be different, she would be different. She hugged her mint green cashmere cardigan closer to her. She suddenly felt very cold. She closed her damp eyes and clung to the thoughts that took her back to that fateful night. How could one night change her life forever? Grace felt the undeniable and all too familiar feeling of overwhelming sadness creep over her. She, unknowingly, put her hand on her heart as the uncontrollable tears fell silently down her cheeks landing in neat spots on her white cotton t-shirt. She angrily swept them away and picked up her magazine and began to read. She had to do something, anything but remember....

Ghillian MacLauren
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