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Frequently asked questions

What is FirstClass?

This easy to use program enables you to access your chosen online course and communicate securely over the internet with others on that course. You simply have to download the program and use your given "username" and "password" to join the course (nobody needs to know your private email address). Click on here to see the FirstClass logo.

I am nervous about downloading a software program onto my computer.

Downloading FirstClass is very simple, we will give you clear instructions on how to download and install FirstClass. Its a bit like installing a small internet browser program.


I have a very old computer, will it be good enough?

As long as you can access the internet you can do any of theses courses (FirstClass will work on all Windows PC's as well as Applemac computers).


Who will critique or comment on my work?

You course tutor will critique each of your weekly assignments but you will also get comments from the other course participants. This is why our courses are referred to as conferences because everyone is encouraged to contribute their opinion.


Will I have to comment on other peoples work?

Yes, we encourage everyone on the course to read each other's work and comment on it. You will be given guidlines on how to do this at the beginning of the course.

Will I get some courses notes?

You will be given weekly notes and assignments, these come in a pdf format which you can read online or download to your computer in order to print them.

How much time does a writingclasses.co.uk course take up?

You are encouraged to work at a pace that suits you - this is the benefit of doing an online course! However, a typical weekly writing assignment can take anything between two hours and four hours of your time.


I've been working on the first chapter of my novel for months now and can’t move any further forward, what course should I do?

Novel Writing - I will help you take a fresh look at your work and give you a much needed boost.


I live in Switzerland - can I do this course?

Yes. You can do this course from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer, access to the Internet, are competent in English, and want to write.


What if I don't have time to finish the assignments?

There is no pressure on anyone to finish anything. However, to make the most of the course, the more assignments you can finish, the more beneficial the course will be for you.


Who can I contact if I have trouble downloading the program or using it?

Email us at writingclasses with your problem, we always try to answer queries on the day they are posted.


I am very nervous about doing a writing course and worried about making a fool of myself.

Don't worry, we are all in the same boat, every writer feels exactly that way. Creative writing is often personal and it is only normal to feel nervous about sharing ones' thoughts with a reader.


What level of computing knowledge do I need?

You don't need any specialist knowledge. If you are comfortable using the internet, you should have no problems installing and using the FirstClass conferencing software.



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