Creative Writing II - Keeping Going

I always write from my own experiences, whether I've had them or not.

Ron Carlson

KEEPING GOING is essentially for those who have completed the first course GETTING STARTED, but those with that bit more creative writing experience are welcome.

Like all our courses KEEPING GOING runs for ten weeks in real time - the first week being a free orientation week. The nine week creative writing course proper is a mixture of informative notes and writing exercises and assignments. During these nine weeks you will learn how to unleash your creative voice and practice new creative writing techniques. You will hone your existing writing skills and enjoy observing your own unique personal writing style emerge.

You will come to recognise that story ideas are found everywhere, and how you can derive them from newspapers, magazines, day-to-day as well as past experiences, dreams and your imagination.

By the end of the course you will have crafted a series of story sketches and/or the beginning drafts of a short story/ies.

Our students come from all sorts of backgrounds and countries, and are all ages. What everyone has in common is an enthusiasm for writing.

orientation week Getting to know our FirstClass conferencing program and your colleagues
week 1 & 2 Creative wrong memory!
week 3 & 4 Breathing life into your writing

week 5 & 6

Here comes trouble
week 7 & 8 Common errors
week 9 The “examined life”



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