What our students say about us


I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have proved to myself that I can commit time to my writing and was very lucky to have such an excellent tutor.

Wendy Clarke


Thank you. I've enjoyed the course very much and am sorry it has come to an end. My tutor has been constructive and encouraging throughout.

Isobel Ulrich


I had an excellent tutor. Always offering detailed and supportive advice that helped build my confidence. A real skill. Thank you. I have really enjoyed the course. It has given me a chance to use my brain in a different way, and think creatively instead of analytically.

Melissa Taylor


I really enjoyed this course, really felt inspired and had a great platform to write from.

Eleanor Fogg


The course is amazing. I dare say I’m not happy that it’s over. I had a wonderful tutor.

Alexandra Zafirova

I really enjoyed it. I found the atmosphere stimulating and encouraging, I especially enjoyed reading others work and having it read by them but without having to stand up in a classroom to do so. I find the classsroom atmosphere very intimidating when it comes to creative writing. I found the tutor, Anne Hamilton, to be positive and understanding as well as challenging which I think is the right balance for creative writing. Overall I feel that my writing has benefitted a lot from taking this course and it has motivated me to continue writing and to take further courses.

Kendra Olsen

I thoroughly enjoyed the course!!!!!!
Thank you for the experience to start writing my novel!!

Lauren Stone

"NW 1 is great course that I have got a huge amount out of. I have come away feeling that perhaps my novel idea may become a reality one day, rather than just scribbles in my notebook! The way that it is all online, makes it a very comfortable way to post assignments without feeling self-conscious of limited experience or ability.
Would highly recommend!"

Caroline Reed

Thanks again for a fantastic course and invaluable advice!

Ghillian MacLaurin

The notes were great and INSPIRING! Although I knew the course was 10 weeks long, the time went too quickly! I COULD DO THIS ALL YEAR ROUND! Thanks again.

Alison Kuela, England

Thank you. I have been trying to write for years, but lacked confidence and commitment after losing a lot of work when my computer blew up. I have some of that commitment back now and can’t wait for the next course.

Cathy Harris

I really enjoyed it and found it both entertaining and informative. This motivated and encouraged me to take my writing seriously. I'm very glad I chose to take this course and I am thinking about taking another one. My only regret was that it could not last longer. Many thanks to Anne Hamilton who was a wonderful tutor.

Gina Caroni

I really enjoyed the course. In no small way (it) has helped me realise that I would like to do something more creative with my life. Thank you.

Sandra Purdie, Scotland
I have read many books on "how to write a novel" most recently 'Story Starters' by Lou Willet Stanek, 'An Author's Guide to Publishing' by Michael Legat and 'The Complete handbook of Novel Writing' by Meg Leder, Jack Heffron and the editors of 'Writer's Digest'; none of these, or the others, have inspired me as much as your course has done.

Norrie Bryce, Scotland

It was stimulating and really motivated me to write - and it was fun.

Eileen Wierenga, France

The main benefit for me was that it made me believe that it was possible for me to write a novel. I now think I can do it, whereas before I would not have known where to start...The other good point was being web-based and able to log on when convenient is a real advantage for people who have other committments.

Joy Ross, Australia
I found it very worthwhile.

Mike Harding, London
It was really good, didn't know I could write so easily!

John Walker, scotland

I've kept a diary for years and often attempted writing short stories, but they always turned out long winded, rambling and pretty boring. Also, how do you ever start? But after this course it was - "Wow, did I write that !!" A GREAT BOOST!

Lorna Reina, Sevilla, Spain

Clear, focussed and so full of ideas that, even a year later, I can click on my reference notes and try something new.

Jacqui Mehring, North Carolina, USA




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